Screw Propelled Vehicle

Screw Propelled Vehicle

The harsh climatic conditions dictate special requirements for the vehicles that can be used here. In this article, we plan to talk about the hardy and robust type of vehicle represented by screw-propelled vehicles.

Modern screw vehicles features

This transport type has several features that distinguish it from other special equipment. So, such cars are usually driven by the presence of rotating bearing flanges (screw type). A similar technique was explicitly created for non-standard natural conditions, particularly among eternal ice floes and snow (Antarctica).

A propeller-driven vehicle or amphibious vehicle is a specialized mechanism designed to operate in particularly aggressive, harsh conditions (mud, swamp, snow, ice). Such special equipment moves easily due to the rotation mechanism of one or more auger-like cylinders. Each of the cylinders is equipped with a screw flange. The latter is responsible for adhesion to the ground. In the case of Antarctica, this is an icy or snowy surface. Engineers united a large group of such vehicles under the Amphirols name.

The weight of such a machine distributes between one or more pairs of large cylinders. In some types of special equipment, a single-flange type cylinder is used, equipped with additional skis (they guarantee a stable position of the car in the process of movement, protect it from accidental overturning). What is the structural feature of the cylinder? The designers report that there are several flanges in each pair of cylinders. One of them rotates strictly clockwise, and the other counterclockwise. It is optimal to use such a car on a soft type of surface (it can be swamp, sand, mud, or snow). Compensation of counter-movements of the flanges occurs, and, as a result, the machine moves forward along the axis of rotation. It may indeed move backward depending on the driver’s command.

Exciting screw propeller vehicles samples

One of the unique vehicles deserving attention is the all-terrain Arktos ship. It can be successfully applied both in the aggressive Antarctica climate and in the hot Sahara as well. This transport overcomes soft surfaces easily, copes both with snow or sand. Screw propeller construction allows it to get to any place, regardless of the severity and specific weather conditions.

Self-propelled screw transport units are no less capable of operating in Antarctica. These can be machines or tractors that can easily move on deep snow or ice surface. They are not afraid of snowdrifts with up to 2-3 meters in height. Such cars can overcome such trails confidently. Slowly but surely, they move forward without fear of snowdrifts.

Modern screw mechanisms are being improved every year, allowing scientists and researchers of Antarctica to receive more and more new vehicle models. Each of them is valuable, practical, and reliable in its own way.