Ice Challenger


Antarctica is the southern continent that was the latest discovered by the researchers. The International Treaties are responsible for preserving the land’s nature where

Famous Antarctic Expeditions

Antarctica is a large but still poorly explored continent located in the south of the globe. The first hypothesis about its existence mentions in the Ptolemy’s writings in

The Coldest Place on the Earth

Antarctica is a continent where constant cold reigns, winds rage, and a blizzard sweeps up. The constant low temperatures make it almost

Transport in Antarctica

Any area exploring, especially as mysterious and unusual as the Antarctica continent, is impossible without the special transport equipment involvement. It expands the range of

Screw Propelled Vehicle

The harsh climatic conditions dictate special requirements for the vehicles that can be used here. In this article, we plan to

Antarctic Snow Cruiser

The snow cruiser is a special vehicle with a design carried out from 1937 to 1939. The chief engineer responsible for its creation was Thomas Poulter. The special transport was

About Antarctica

Antarctica LandscapeThe Antarctic is the coldest place in the world (lowest recorded temperature is -89.9 C). It is also the windiest place in the world (fastest recorded wind speed of 300km/h). Surprisingly, it is also technically a desert: it has less than 5cm of precipitation in a year.

Ice Challenger Expedition

The planet’s southernmost landmass also contains 80% of the world’s fresh water. There are places where the ice is over 10,000 feet thick, and the ice cap itself is more than 40 million years old.

The Antarctic is 48 times the size of the UK (14.4 million sq km). It is the world’s only uninhabited continent.

The Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1959, which puts all territorial claims on hold – so no-one actually owns Antarctica. It has been set aside as a scientific preserve, and military activity is prohibited in the region.


The first crossing of the frozen Bering Strait
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