Marked by their winch rope the Ice Challenger team cross the International dateline between America and Russia – pictured here Steve Brooks and Graham Stratford driving the vehichle with team members Mark Cullum and Harry Rouse with them. 15.13 Sunday 7th April 2002 the ice challenger expedition comes to a triumphant end as snowbird crosses the international dateline and drives into tomorrow, into the record books and into forbidden Russian territory. Snowbird 6 is the first land-based vehicle to cross the treacherous 24 miles of floating ice and open water, which make up the Bering Strait from Wales, Alaska to the Russian landmass of Big Diomedes. British explorers Steve Brooks and Graham Stratford battled for 48 hours against the odds in temperatures as low as ­30 in their customised vehicle which proved it was very capable on the shifting mosaic of frozen water, being both able to drive on floating pans and pull itself afloat when it broke. Surrounded by whales, walrus, seals and the odd polar bear the two have achieved their goal. The ultimate challenge was to drive from America to Russia ­ unfortunately bureaucracy and stubbornness from the Russians who said Œnyet¹ ­ no – at the last hour thwarted this. They have however succeeded to be the first to drive to the Russian landmass ­ from West to East. After waiting anxiously for the right weather and ice conditions in Wales Alaska they were rewarded ­ a combination of floating ice pans, grey ice and water leads with the support of a fantastic team enabled them to succeed in this challenge.