As Christmas approaches, the Ice Challenger Expedition hits another gear. Snowbird 5 arrived at the Expedition testing and trial headquarters in Hereford a month ago and is currently undergoing a rapid transformation to become Snowbird 6.

The lessons learnt from the Expedition last year have led us to redesign the vehicle, using screws that are much larger to create a lot more buoyancy. Southampton University has been working with us to re-design a propulsion system in water and on ice, by changing the number of flights on the screws and the angles.

The first new tests will be taking place in the first week of November when press and sponsors will be invited to come and see the team putting Snowbird through her paces.

The 2002 PR campaign is currently being put together and any potential sponsors for the Expedition are being approached. If you require any further information on the Expedition please do not hesitate to contact us (details on web site).

Steve Brooks

Expedition Leader